As a Criminal Defense Attorney since 2003, I have handled thousands of criminal cases.  I have dealt with every type of misdemeanor charge as well as the most serious felony charges.  Each case is important to my clients so I treat all cases that way no matter how minor. This is because even the most minor cases can become a problem down the road.  I have seen too many cases where people have lost their jobs and families because an attorney didn't spend the time to fight the case the right way.  I believe all individuals deserve fair treatment and due process from the court system, and I strive for that for all my clients.


I know how my clients feel being in the criminal justice system.  It is difficult knowing that their freedom is hanging in the balance.  That is why I personally research every case and look for all avenues to obtain the best possible outcome for my clients.  I believe that people deserve honesty in their lawyer, and that is the way I approach cases. Honesty about the law, the potential outcomes and the future ramifications of choices. 


Unfortunately, it is all to common these days for defendants and their families to hire a criminal defense law firm and be passed around from attorney to attorney.  They never seem to get the attorney that they hired, or the attorney they hired is overworked and has little time to communicate about their case or even look through their case with a fine tooth comb.  I am passionate about helping you understand your rights and your options when it comes to your case.

Bar Admissions

Admitted to the Florida Bar 2003-Present

Admitted to the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida 2005-Present

Admitted to United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit 2011-Present